Texas Counts effort is mentioned in the article,“Some fear Texans could be undercounted in 2020 census” by Bettie Cross on the CBS Austin website:


Every 10 years, the U.S. Census Bureau tries to count everyone in the U.S. – an endeavor that touches the medical world deeply.

The group, Texas Counts, estimates that an undercount of one-percent means Texas would lose about $300 million in federal dollars every year over the next ten years. Break it down and each person not counted represents thousands of federal dollars that don’t come back to Texas each year.

“Whether it’s education, healthcare or it’s going to our roads. The burden of not having this money comes back to our state,” said Katie Martin Lightfoot, Census Community Engagement Coordinator for Texas Counts.

Texas Counts says with limited funding and time it will be more of a struggle to maximize the census count.

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