The Pooled Fund

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Here are just a few of the points that will be evaluated in each grant application for census outreach activities:

  • Intended use of the funds (e.g., specific strategy, targeted collateral, technical assistance)
  • Experience and confidence of applicant organizations (e.g., knowledge of the leader, depth of relationships within the community, connections to the regional CCC)
  • Intended impact and reach of the grant (e.g., region/number/demographics that would benefit, population that will be engaged (e.g., households with young children, undocumented, African American men), potential reutilization of the resource for other communities)
  • Total amount requested and recommended amount
  • Reporting that would be shared and collected at the completion of the grant.

A cross-sector partnership of Texas business, civic, community, faith, andphilanthropic leaders came together to establish Texas Counts to ensure all Texans are counted. This cross-sector partnership recognizes that counting every person is not only a constitutional mandate, but that it is essential to a thriving Texas.

Texas Counts provides greater visibility, coordination, and execution of the 2020 census. The Campaign is designed to share ideas and provide assistance as needed; however, it does not have financial resources to direct towards communities that require support to engage hard to count communities. As a coordinated, but separate, effort, the statewide Texas Counts Pooled Fund (TCPF) has been created to provide funds that will enable local communities to target outreach efforts and implement best practices that will ensure a fair and accurate count for Texas.

Structure of the Pooled Fund

The goal of the Texas Counts Pooled Fund is to assess recommendations and insights from the campaign and grants committee and determine how best to allocate available resources to address the needs of local hard-to-count priorities.

We are pleased to share our funding recipients (as of January 2020):

  • City of Longview
  • Feeding Texas, Statewide
  • Central Health, Austin
  • United Way of Lamar County
  • Deep East Texas Council of Government
  • LUPE – Hidalgo, Cameron
  • Dallas CCC
  • Change Happens, Angelina, Cherokee, Matagorda, Nacogdoches, Waller, and Wharton
  • United Way of Brazos Valley, Brazos
  • Leon Valley Public Library, Bexar County
  • BCSF Health and Human Services, Webb
  • Convencion Bautista Hispana de Tejas
  • Rio Grande City, Starr
  • Rio Grande Equal Voices Network, Hidalgo, Cameron, Willacy, Starr
  • Webb County CCC
  • Services Of Hope, Dallas
  • North Texas Commission Foundation
  • City of Marshall, Harrison
  • Deeds Not Words, Travis
To further discuss the plan and opportunities to support this work, please contact:

Amy Desler at 214-750-4148 or