Resources for Sectors

Census efforts across the country are organized along cross-sections and anchors of each community to ensure those efforts are far-reaching and leverage the many stakeholders who all hope to see an accurate count.

Census Champions are encouraged to join the discussion as well as find and share resources in the sector(s) that are of most interest to them.

Here are our Complete Count Sectors for the Texas Counts Campaign:

Texas Counts has sub-committees that represent each sector at a state and regional level.

Subcommittees are organized by the diverse Texas communities working on the state-wide 2020 Census and have both regional and member diversity (e.g., racial-ethnic, gender). Members’ donation of their time and resources devoted to this important effort is sincerely appreciated and yields a significant impact.

Our subcommittees are tasked with:
  • Identifying census outreach needs in their sectors across the state.
  • Connecting their network to local Complete Count efforts and Texas Counts.
  • Serving as a trusted messenger and Census Champion to promote the Census.