Resources For Complete Count Committees And Advocates To Make Sure You Count All Kids In Your Community

Table of Contents
Making Sure Kids Count – And Are Counted: Preparing for the 2020 Census
Factsheet: Young Children Are Severely Undercounted by the U.S. Census. Why?
Factsheet: Specific Strategies to Count Young Children
Factsheet: Arguments That Resonate
What Service Providers Need to Know and How They Can Help
The Census Bureau’s Statistics in Schools Program Can Help With Census Outreach
Count All Kids: Resources to Help You Prepare for the 2020 Census
8 Simple Rules to Help You Count Young Children in the 2020 Census in the Right Place
Counting Children in the 2020 Census (FAQs)
Count Everyone Living In Your Home, Including Foster Children – Draft Letter and FAQs
Counting People Without A Permanent Residence – Draft Letter and FAQs